OER Learning Community

Affordable Access for Student Success: An OER Learning Community

Open educational resources (OERs) have flourished as institutions and educators respond to soaring textbook costs and the potential for teaching with customized, free online resources. To promote the adoption of OERs that make a UF education less expensive and more equitable, Affordable UF is undertaking a new learning community for instructors throughout Spring/Fall 2021.

Meet the inaugural cohort

The Impact of Music on Health

Ferol Carytsas

Center for Arts in Medicine

Ferol Carytsas holding instrument

Creative Microbiology Laboratory Exercises

Monika Oli

Microbiology & Cell Science

Monika Oli headshot

Beginning Chinese

Han Xu

Languages, Literatures, & Cultures

Han Xu standing

impact of materials on society

Sophia Acord

Center for the Humanities and the Public Sphere

Sophia Acord standing

Creating OER for Intensive English Language Program Courses

Christine Voigt

English Language Institute

Christine Voigt

Meet the facilitators


Perry Collins

Copyright and OER Librarian, University Libraries

Perry Collins presents in front of slide with copyright symbol


Micah Jenkins

eTexts Coordinator, Center for Teaching Excellence

Micah Jenkins presenting

About the program

This year-long program will develop a small cohort of instructors committed to the development of free, open course materials through intensive training and mentorship. Over the course of the program, participants will develop an initial prototype for an OER, as well as a long-term project plan. This may take the form of a chapter of a longer text, a standalone module, or an adaptation of an existing course to incorporate only open materials. We especially encourage projects that strive to develop more culturally responsive, anti-racist, and inclusive course materials, as well as those that aim to create free alternatives for currently high-cost courses (more than $60 per student).

The program is supported by the Libraries in partnership with the Center for Teaching Excellence, Center for Instructional Training and Technology, and University Press of Florida. Experts from these units will work closely with participants throughout the program. External guest advisors will complement expertise available at UF.

The community will address four primary objectives:

  • Introduce members to OERs, including best practices for development and the ways in which free, open materials promote student success;
  • Provide training on relevant copyright issues, accessible design, and using the PressBooks publishing software platform and other technologies;
  • Support participants in developing a design and project plan for an OER, as well as an initial portion of the work such as a chapter or module; and
  • Connect instructors with both internal and external expertise to facilitate successful adoption and evaluation of OERs.

Outputs will be published as a collection of resources by LibraryPress@UF, an imprint of the Libraries and University Press of Florida.


Email Copyright and OER Librarian Perry Collins (perrycollins@ufl.edu) with questions about the program.