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How instructors and students are working to lower course costs

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Celebrate Pride Month with LGBTQ + Open Resources

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Dr. kevin knudson and jason nowell

Xronos: An Open Education Project

The Department of Math has spearheaded the development of Xronos, a free and modernized alternative to expensive homework systems.

Knudson and Nowell

Dr. haven hawley and the wst3610 team

Creating Affordable and Engaging Courses

Dr. Haven Hawley and other faculty collaborated to build an affordable course from the ground up: WST3610 Gender, Race, and Science.

Butterfly Rainforest, Florida Museum of Natural History


Donating Textbooks for Future Students

The Spring 2019 Student Government Textbook Drive pilot added nearly 30 books to the Libraries’ collections for all students to use.

Box of donated textbooks

Open education Reviews Series

Free Journalism Resources

Reviews by UF Journalism Librarian April Hines

April Hines, Journalism Librarian