Celebrate Pride Month with LGBTQ + Open Resources

June is Pride Month! Parades and celebrations of LGBTQ+ rights and culture have taken place for over 50 years, but Bill Clinton was the first US President to declare June as Gay and Lesbian Pride Month in 1999. President Barack Obama later officially expanded the month to include the whole LGBT community. President Biden added LGBTQI+ Month to his 2022 Proclamation.

To celebrate Pride Month, the George A. Smathers Libraries are providing links to LGBTQ+ resources that are free and Open Access (OA) to anyone with an internet connection. They include archives and special collections, digitized newspapers and magazines, online books and journals, oral histories, podcasts, reference sources such as directories and glossaries, and relevant websites. Please access the selected list of resources and celebrate the month with us.

Resources selected by Stacey Ewing and Colleen Seale

Rainbow carpet with shoes
Photo by Carlos de Toro on Unsplash