Get an Affordable UF Badge for your course
Let students know that your course is affordable

Affordable UF Badges

Affordable UF Badge

Courses that contain required material costing $20 or less per-credit hour will receive an Affordable UF Badge. Badges appear in the textbook adoption system indicated by an apple icon visible to students during registration.

Program Features:
  • Course material costs are $20 or less per credit hour (including lab materials).
  • Instructor certifies that all materials required for purchase will be used in course activities and assignments.
  • Instructors receive the Affordable UF Badge to include on course syllabus and Canvas course site.

How do I participate?

Affordable UF Badge Application form

When you submit your textbook adoption through the Textbook Adoption website, if your material cost is $20 or less per credit hour, you will have the option to choose to participate.  In addition, you will be asked:

  • In addition to any publisher content, are you using any of the following (select all that apply):
  • You will also be asked to certify that all of the materials required for purchase will be used in the course assignments and activities.

What can I do with a badge?

If your course is eligible to receive the Affordable UF badge, you will be sent a digital copy of the designation. Your badge can be displayed in many places, including:

  • your syllabus
  • your Canvas site
  • your email signature line
  • digital resumes/CVs
  • social media
  • your website

Students will also see the badge in the course textbook requirements when registering.

Am I required to participate in Affordable UF Badges?

Participation in this program is voluntary.

Can I mix and match resources?

Course materials can be derived from multiple sources as long as the total cost of purchase (including lab materials) is $20 or less per credit hour.

Where can I get help with affordable course content?

See resources for instructors or schedule a consultation.

Which courses are participating?

Check out courses that have been granted Affordable UF Badges.